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Steps to Become a Customer- Please See bellow our standard Pricing. Volume and Special Rates may apply.

$150 per month Min charge.

  1. Review Pricing – / Schedule a Call / Visit
  2. Select your Start Date
  3. Sign-Up Just Let us know the date you want to start, and the amount of space. We can Flexe for you. We can have 1000 sq dedicated to you for  $1.54 per sq foot per month.  
Payment – ACH-  Complete this form for Payment (Credit Card is +3%)


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STORAGE: Per Month Per Week
Pallet Storage (Monthly)- (Dry) $10.80 $2.70
Pallet Storage (Monthly)- (Refigerated) $28.00 $7.00
Pallet Storage (Monthly)- (Frozen) $34.00 $8.50
Packing Manager (Manager) $27/hour.
Pallet Handling In & Out (per pallet) $7.00
Pallet Supply fee (per pallet) $7.70
Stretch wrapping fee (per pallet) $2.30
Pallet labelling fee (per pallet) $1.00
Carton Picking Fee (per carton) $0.51
Carton Handling In & Out (per carton) $0.50
Carton Labelling Fee (per carton) $0.30
Each Picking Fee (per item) $0.49
Container Unload Fee (per 40′) $391.94
Container Unload Fee (per 20′) $329.00
15 min Labor Fee (Depends on Experience) $10.00
Order Processing Fee (per order) $5.40
Ecommerce Order Processing (per order) $3.00
Weekly Management/ Accounting/ Insurance Fee (per 100 weekly orders) $103.85